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As your purchase is made to order, we currently do not except returns.

However, your order will be considered for an exchange of a different size if the required guidelines below are met.

Please note you will be responsible for the shipping costs ($15.00) of sending back your original order.

We reserve the right to not consider an exchange.


Exchange window: Requests for exchanges made up to 14 days after the date of delivery of your order will be considered. Requests for exchanges made after 14 days after the date of delivery of your order will not be considered.

Order condition: Requests for exchanges will not be considered if the order is in a non-sellable condition once received back to us to process. Non-sellable condition is defined as if the item has staining, rips/tears, holes, burns, or any other noticeable damage that variates from the condition of the item when sent. Our discretion will be used to determine if your order is non-sellable, and we will contact you if this conclusion is drawn to discuss next steps.

Packaging condition: Requests for exchanges will not be considered if the packaging (branded box, tissue paper, thank you card) are damaged. Packaging must be intact to be considered for an exchange. Please also hold onto the shipping box the branded box was placed inside – this shipping box can be utilized to ship back the size you want to exchange.

Exchange costs: You are responsible for the cost of shipping ($15.00) back to us your original order you would like exchanged. We will cover the cost of shipping out your new order of the exchanged size.


If the above required guidelines are met, your order can be considered for an exchange of a different size. Please review below process to initiate an exchange.


1.Contact us and note clearly in your message that you would like to initiate an exchange for a different size. Please clearly note the size you originally ordered and the new size you would like to exchange it for.

2.We will review your request as soon as possible, and if confirmed, a payment request for the cost of shipping ($15.00) back your original order will be sent. Please provide payment quickly to further process your exchange request.


​3. After payment is received for the cost of shipping of the original order back to us, we will email you a UPS shipping label to ship your original order back to us.


4.Please place your item back in the branded box with the tissue paper and thank you card, and place this either within the original shipping box or a new shipping box and affix the UPS shipping label and take to your nearest UPS location for shipping.


5.Please allow 1-5 business days for us to receive your original order. We will email you confirming received.


6.Please then allow 1-2 days to process once received, during which we will review your original order to confirm if the item and packaging are in sellable condition. If they are in non-sellable condition, we will contact you for next steps.


7.After reviewing your original order and if in sellable condition, we will email you confirming that the exchange can be accepted and a new order confirmation will be sent. We will then begin processing your new order. Please allow us 3-5 days to process your new order.


8.After your new order is complete, we will email you and advise a tracking number. Please allow 1-5 business days to receive your new order.


For further information or questions, please contact us.

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