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ARC OF ANDRE is a contemporary ready-to-wear and accessories brand founded by Andre Moses in 2020. Coming from a lower-middle class family that resided in Detroit, Andre obtained a degree in apparel and textiles in 2013, and ultimately moved to New York to launch his brand in 2016. Andre uses his own journey and development, or arc, as inspiration for the brand, exemplifying the thought that our upbringing and past socioeconomic status have a profound effect on our daily dress choices that we make in the present. 

Structured, tailored creativity and the mixing of texture and print intertwined with the psychological and emotional aspects of our personal history are the aesthetic pillars that the brand stands on. New knowledge, growth, and experience mix with what we have, in the past, found comfort, trauma, affection, or fear in. ARC OF ANDRE seeks to dress a person in their powerful present, while paying homage and respect to their impactful past. 

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